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20 October 2010 @ 08:40 pm
Clarification on Tracking/Favorites in E-mails  
Hi everyone!

I wanted to post here to let everyone know that

A) The site has been updated to the latest e-fiction script and hopefully has cleared up any little errors and bugs that were on the site.

B) If you are uploading a story and notice a random co-author in "preview" go ahead and submit your story. That author name will disappear once the story is submitted. Sorry, not too sure why that's coming up for some people, but it's only during the preview.

C) There is a difference between "Tracking" a story and adding a story to your "favorites." Tracking will ONLY show when you last read a story. That is now in bold at the end of the story info, that way you can see when you last read something and if it's been updated since then.

If you want to get an e-mail on when a story is updated, you must choose "Add story to Favorites," make sure to hit "submit" so it will be added to your list, and then in Account Info -> Edit Preferences, you need to have the box marked for "Contact when favorites are updated." That's the only way you can get e-mails when stories are updated. Also! For authors, if you want to get reviews in e-mails, you have to check the box for "Contact for new reviews."

So! If you are a reader or author and aren't getting any e-mails from the site, go to Edit Preferences and that will probably solve any and all problems.

D) The site may or may not go offline sometime in the next 2-4 days. I am transferring the domain to my current host, and even though I have things set up with them already, it may go offline during the transfer. It shouldn't be too long though!

Hope this clears some things up (I think I had mixed up tracking and favorites in my mind since first adding those options) and if you all have any problems don't hesitate to let me know!